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Frequently Asked Questions

Need a simple way to ease your worries? Get in touch with us anytime for answers to your questions. But first, glance through our frequently asked questions to avoid the hassle of contacting us at all. However, if you need to call us, we’d be more than delighted to answer your queries!

Q: Why should I sell to a cash home buyer rather than listing through a realtor?

A: Great question! We are investors that buy homes at a lower cost, fix it, and make a profit from reselling them. Most homeowners sell to us because of the certainty we offer. Once we prepare a fair cash offer on your home, it means we can afford it. Selling to us is simple. You contact us and send your property details, sit back. We close fast, and you don’t need to deal with agents, cleaning, or repairs. We even buy residencies with bad tenants if you want to sell.  

Q: Do you offer fair prices for properties?

A: Yes, we make only fair all-cash bids on your property. We have a formula for creating our offers. Hence we don’t make up random numbers when we see your home. We consider your house conditions, repairs, profit, and maintenance. There are no conditions attached to our fair cash offer. You’ve got nothing to worry about. We won’t disturb you with salesy pitches– we work with a no-pressure approach. 

Q: How do you determine the price of your cash offer?

A: We have a formula for drafting honest cash offers! First, we determine the ARV, which means the retail cost of your house after repairs have been made. After investigating your home’s ARV, we’ll calculate your quote with this formula: ARV– Repairs– Selling Cost– Profit. That’s how we figure out your house’s actual value. 

Q: Do you take any fees or commissions for your services?

A: Unlike other methods of selling a property, we excel at providing the best services without charging a dime. So, don’t worry about commissions or closing costs! Regardless of your condition, we’ll make a final quote that won’t change. What we offer is what you get at closing. This means you’ll pocket all the proceeds for selling your home without paying commissions. 

Q: Do you buy houses in bad conditions?

A: We want to buy your home in any condition. The more disrepair the residence, the better! We enjoy revamping homes, causing impressive condition flips, and selling to new families.

Q: What makes you different from a real estate agent?

A: We are nothing like realtors. Realtors list your residence on the housing market and find the best buyers. They organize showings and staging just to improve your chances of selling. But all their efforts, as agreed by prior contracts, will be rewarded with 3-6% of the total cost price as commissions. Selling to realtors may last for three to six months or more if things don’t go as planned. Finally, the sale is subject to financial and inspection contingencies. 

We are quite the opposite. Sell Fast Jersey assures you have a smooth home sale free of agents, showings, commissions, and hassle. We are cash buyers. Hence, a successful sale is guaranteed. Finally, when we buy your home, we close within 7 days. 

Q: What happens when I send you my information?

A: Check our privacy policy for details about how we handle your information. However, we’ll visit your home and create a fair cash offer when you send us your personal info. If you accept, we’ll close ASAP.