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Privacy Policy For Sell Fast Jersey

What kinds of information do we gather?

Subscribing to our newsletter or filling out a property form grants us access to some of your data. With the help of Google Analytics, we can gather information about your computer’s IP address, browser type, and operating system. Collecting these details helps us improve our website performance without revealing your identity.  Find out how Google Analytics works here.

We may obtain your personally identifiable details, like your e-mail address, home address, name, etc., on our website. But you can decide to browse our services without revealing your details. If our website is being acquired, merged, or sold, we will share your personally identifiable information with the new company. But we’ll let you know your information will be subjected to a new privacy policy.  

What do we do with your data

  • Evaluate your residence
  • Reply your queries 
  • Draft fair cash offers depending on your home location and property repairs.
  • Preparing required transactions

Does our company share any personal data with anyone?

We won’t share personally identifiable information with any third-party company unless in these circumstances:

  1. Any data that we must reveal to correct a misconception or fake information. 
  2. Under situations stipulated in these provisions. 
  3. Any information that Sell Fast Jersey is legally required to provide by any subpoena, decree, ordinance, court order, or regulation.

We also share identifiable data with service providers and ad companies to help them create personalized services or marketing structures. 

Links to other websites

At our discretion, we provide access to services or products by third-party organizations. But this shouldn’t be mistaken for an endorsement. They have privacy policies particular to them. Hence, we advise you to study their privacy policy as we’ll not take any responsibility for content or behavior associated with the website. But since we’d love to refer our customers to reliable sites, we welcome honest feedback about those websites.


Hired service providers like ads companies may collect personally identifiable details from customer reporting agencies, forms filled on our site, or any transaction conducted on our website. Sell Fast Jersey won’t disclose your personal info unless:

  • You consent 
  • It’s legally required, 
  • Or in circumstances clearly stated in this policy. 

We may also share your data with partner companies or payment service providers with whom we share marketing agreements or external businesses improving our service delivery. 

We suggest you read these companies’ privacy policies to understand how they handle information. Remember, these service providers may be in jurisdictions with different laws from ours. 


Service providers and Google Analytics improve our website and enhance effectiveness by helping us monitor data. Sell Fast Jersey, and partner service providers use cookies, anonymous identifiers, IP addresses, and other information acquired on our websites to improve marketing. 

Information about your response to store app views, page views, downloads, user engagement details, and behavioral metrics would be used to enhance our site’s performance. These details also affect the kind of ad you’ll receive from us. Consequently, we can send users personalized adverts based on their actions during past visits. 

You may receive ads on our website, other websites, or search engine result page. We also use these details to track user engagement on our website. Since we value your information, we won’t allow third parties to use your data for personal purposes besides the one required to provide the demanded services. 

Google Ads are used on this website.

This website uses Google ad remarketing to lure previous visitors back to our website. We are specifically concerned about attracting previous Sell Fast Jersey potential clients who haven’t performed any action like submitting a web form on our website. Our service providers often use cookies to provide advertisements based on your past visit to Sell Fast Jersey. All information collected for this purpose will be subject to Google’s and Sell Fast Jersey’s policies.

The Online Privacy Protection Act is being followed.

We take safety precautions to comply with Online Privacy Protection Act and ensure your information is safe at all times. Hence, we won’t share your data with anyone without consent.

Information about yourself, your finances, and your real estate

By virtue of being a cash buyer company, we’ll acquire some personal data to help us perform our services diligently. Hence, we may request your name, location, financial condition, etc. We’ll only use the information to the extent of solving your real estate difficulty; it won’t be shared with anyone.  

Privacy Policy For Online

Only data acquired online is subjected to this policy. Data obtained offline are not.

New Privacy Policy 

You will know of any modifications to our privacy because we’ll notify you of the same.

How to contact us? Don’t hesitate to ring us up if you have any queries. 


Phone number: 201-775-9779 

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