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How We Buy Houses in New Jersey

We thrive by creating a transparent, professional, and unique selling process that zeros out inconveniences. So, take advantage of our seamless process by requesting a fair cash offer today.



    Sell your home as-is in NJ. Fill out this simple form for a no-commitment bid on your property. We buy houses for cash without hassles, agents, or commissions. Alternatively, give us a call at 201-775-9779.

    Our Simple Client Experience Broken Down Into 4 Steps

    step one sell your house fast New Jersey

    We connect with you when you reach out to us.

    step two sell your house fast New Jersey

    Our team will set up a meeting on a suitable day for both parties.

    step three sell your house fast New Jersey

    After accessing your home, we’ll draft a fair all-cash bid on your property.

    step four sell your house fast New Jersey

    We settle all paperwork and close on the house. You’ll get paid almost immediately.

    Selling Timeline Described: The truth is we can set up a draft after we get your complete property details. But we’d love to see your home first to have a more guided cash offer. After walking through your house, we can make you a fair cash offer on the spot, or sometimes, it takes less than 24 hours. When you get our bid, the ball is in your court. If you give us the go-ahead, we’ll close quickly, draft all paperwork and pay you. Questions? Read our FAQs

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    Sell Your House Easy and Seamless

    We know the real estate market at the hyper-local level– much more than you can imagine. For a fact, there are massive house flippers who buy houses across the country, but who knows better than an actual local? Yea, you got that right, no one. Hence, we’ll use that knowledge to your advantage. One of the things we do is buy houses in any condition, fix it and resell it to someone who would love to live in it. Or sometimes, we rent it out. Homeowners love working with us because of the convenience and speedy process. =

    To be fair, you could earn more from listing your home on the open market. But more often, it comes at a price. In this case, the costs are numerous strangers walking your property, having to spend 30 to 90 days to sell and get paid. But selling to us comes at no cost. However, we offer convenience and speed on a gold platter. =Remember, there’s no situation or condition we can’t help with. So, hit us up anytime; after all, we are only a phone call or form submission away!

    Complete Guide: How Does The Process Work?

    “How on earth does this process work?!” This question never gets old– our clients ask it all the time. So, we’ve decided to provide an answer before you ask! We understand that the process is a complete flip over from agents’ technique, and it’s nothing like iBuyers as well. 

    Our process is in 3 simple steps. All we do is buy properties as-is and help homeowners escape the realtor’s stress. We understand that several questions crop up about our process.

    So, we’ve decided to answer all the FAQs

    Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.

    happy family sold to Sell Fast Jersey

    What should I expect from your buying process?

    We were deliberate about creating a process that promotes seamless transactions. So, from our no-commitment cash offers to the closing, it’s a no-hassle procedure! Let’s give you a breakdown of a typical transaction with Sell Fast Jersey.

    We are ecstatic about connecting with you!

    how we craft our cash offers

    How do you decide the structure of your bids?

    Our experts are equipped with resources to help create a well-structured, bespoke quote. Hence, it’s sure we make our cash offers based on your condition. In this light, you can help us understand your situation better by providing the following information:

    This information helps us whip up a quote that works for you, for us, and hopefully, your situation. Ultimately, we consider the location, condition, and style of your building. That way, we don’t make mistakes. 

    Do you have a recipe for the cash offer?

    “How much can you pay for my house?”

    This question is probably running through your mind right now. We understand! You’ve seen numerous “we buy houses” ads and you have options. So, why not compare prices to discover who pays more… 

    Can we be honest with you? Not all that glitters is gold! This saying is quite true, especially while dealing with cash buyers. Some cash buyers promise reasonable cash for a house, only to change their offer at the brink of closing. To avoid getting low-balled by scams posing as cash home buyers, you’ve got to be careful. But don’t be worried; we are nothing like that. Of course, we don’t expect you to take our words for it. Since we have nothing to hide, we’ll lay out all our cards!

    To start with, we do our due diligence before creating a cash offer. We investigate all the situations surrounding the sale thoroughly. As we mentioned above, we’ll scrutinize the cost of your home and other comparable properties in your neighborhood. We’ll estimate the repairs required and study the market value. In the long run, we don’t want to mumble numbers without certainty. 

    After evaluating all the necessary data, we deduct the cost of repairs and selling costs from the ARV for our final quote. Of course. We know this explanation is quite abstract. Since we want this to be as understandable as possible, we’ll paint a scenario! You have plans to sell your New Jersey residence quickly and contacted Sell Fast Jersey (Great choice!). 

    We will analyze the condition of your home and estimate the repairs. Knowing the cost of repairs and how much your home costs on the open market, we can prepare an offers that works both ways. Our final formula for a fair cash offer is: 


    (Apologies to people who hate math, but we’ll try to make it as comprehensive as possible.)

    To help you understand the formula, we’ll break down the terms:

    ARV – ARV means After Repair Value. It’s the market value of your house after you’ve fixed all the damaged areas. ARV is based on the assumption that you don’t need to make any more repairs.

    Repairs – Repairs, as the name suggests, is the cost of fixes that Sell Fast Jersey would make on your home to attain the After Repair Value.

    Selling Costs – The selling cost is about 15% of the total selling price; this expense is the summation of all the extra costs for closing the sale of your house. It includes closing costs, taxes, holding fees, contractors charges, etc. But we are considerate enough to make all the charges affordable.

    Minimum Profit – In the long run, real estate investing is our business. We have to make money to keep business running and fend for our family. We aim for about 15%, but sometimes we end up with 10% of the total cost depending on the extra expenses incurred. But we strive to satisfy all the parties involved.

     Can’t wait to discover how much we can pay for your home? Click on the button below

    Which details drive your purchase of a home?

    For how long will the purchasing process last?

    We take pride in making home sales quick and easy. Our team leverages our expansive network to tackle any problems before it spirals out of control.


    The first few hours after contacting us are spent evaluating and preparing a bid on your house. If you take the offer, we’ll set the paperwork process in motion. You may get a few documents to sign, and we’ll share crucial documents when necessary.

    Afterward, we work with an escrow company that probes your title to the company. This step is essential to determine any issues with the title. Considering how pivotal this is, we prioritize resolving all related problems before closing. But it only takes a couple of days (it could take more depending on how complicated the problem in question is). At the same time, we may visit the house to take measurements and analyze the repairs.

    In the scheme of things, this should be your favorite part! We pay hard cash without cutting down on your offer! What we bid is what you get. In the long run, the purchasing process lasts 7 to 20 days on average. On rare occasions when things drift off schedule, it takes 20 days. 

    We’d be happy to give you a taste of our seamless procedure. Contact us Now.