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About Sell Fast New Jersey

Sell Fast Jersey is a veteran-owned company that makes home selling effortless. We take pride in delivering the best services to our clients. Rest assured that you’ll get a quick, reliable, and hassle-free home sale when you sell to us. We’ll also provide you with the support you need. If you are ready to sell, we’d be glad to buy.

Besides specializing in expediting your selling process, we’ll analyze your situation and offer bespoke services. If a quick sale isn’t what you need, we’ll inform you off the bat. We always want the best for you regardless of your situation. So, it doesn’t matter if your home is probate, foreclosed, mortgaged, or outdated; we’ll buy it because that’s what we do!


Main Members of Our Team (Owners)

Matt owner of Sell Fast Jersey

Matt Stark

Matt, a co-founder of Sell Fast Jersey, hails from Colorado but served in the Navy in San Diego, California. When he left the Navy, he studied and worked simultaneously in early 2000. He bagged a marketing degree in 2006 and started his marketing agency in 2007. He enjoys traveling with his family and playing pool when he isn’t helping homeowners achieve their selling goals.
Meet Elisa

Elisa Stark

Elisa came to California in 2010 to pursue her MBA at Golden Gate University. After graduating and working in San Francisco at a top solar company, she eventually met Matt and they married soon thereafter. She came into real estate at the same time as Matt and loves it very much. In her free time, Elisa loves traveling, baking and spending time with her family.

Why Us?

Considering that listing homes isn’t a cakewalk, we are investors willing to relieve you of every housing complication. We pay cash for houses and expunge your worries in the process. You can sell your home without any stress. Plus, there’s an assurance that you are selling to honest people who have your interest at heart. Once you sell to us, we work non-stop to ensure you make the best decision for your property.
Sell Fast Jersey - Meet our team

Need To Sell Your New Jersey House Fast?

If you find yourself in any situation spurring you to say, “I need to sell my home fast,” you’ve got the best team to help you! Sell Fast Jersey is a company that offers integrated expertise in house sales and relies on an expert team to buy properties without any difficulties. Hence, we will provide you with tools to sell your home. We also work diligently with people in various situations and conditions. As investors, we’ll offer you an expedited selling process and cut off all the dwindling procedures that affect the traditional sale.

When we buy from you, we estimate repairs and make you a simple, reasonable offer. However, we’d never undercut you; that’s why we have a working formula to calculate your all-cash offer. At, Sell Fast Jersey, every new homeowner is an entirely different person from the last, so we treat each client uniquely.

Sell Fast Jersey’s Company Values

  • Communication: You will get an overview of our process before we purchase your home. We’ll communicate any changes while buying your house and communicate some more if anything happens. That’s how crucial it is to us!
  • Commitment: Nothing fazes a team of investors dedicated to making a home sale work. Regardless of your problem, we can handle it.
  • Client Care: This value is at the core of all our activities and processes. So, it’s non-negotiable. You are important to us, and we won’t treat you otherwise!
  • Perseverance: We either help you resolve your situation, or we help you! To the moon mentality, always!

We take pride in delivering exceptional results to help optimize the value of each homeowner’s property. By listening to your specific situations, we can deliver comprehensive real estate advice. Providing you with a suitable solution matters more than making profits.

So, we consistently develop an enduring professional relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and transparency. As a full-service real estate investors company, our customers have unhindered access to definitive housing advice. To top it all, we go the extra mile to ensure you get the best-in-class services while selling to us.